One of my favorite childhood memories was puppies. We had several litters growing up. Our love affair with Caucasian Shepherds/ Ovcharka started with Rhonda & Brenda. Our Family moved out of town and wanted a dog that could protect our Family, House, Juliana Miniature pigs and chickens from Coyotes, Wolves, Moose, Ravens in the chicken coop, and Bobcats. We wanted this as well as to not follow the typical well worn path of the other flock guardian type dogs. After a lot of research we decided that Caucasian Shepherds/Ovcharka's would be the perfect fit for us. We have found them to be loving and very entertaining. One of the things I love about this breed is that they love the whole family and not just one person. They love to cuddle take over your couch or bed. They love car rides, baths & walks. They love friends and family and even our smaller animals, but they are ready at the drop of a hat to protect and/or ward off anything threatening. Its great that they are capable of intelligently deciding whether or not people or animals are a threat or not.

We have a farm located on 20 acres in Spirit Lake, Idaho. We raise the puppies in our home with cats, dogs and our children. We consider them to be family so we play with the puppies, we take them on car rides, spend time at our work as well.

We have a few litters of puppies each year. We are not a kennel. Our goal is to breed Quality, well socialized puppies.

Play time

Rhonda & Brenda playing in the snow with Gus & Magnolia.

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Farm fun.

Training Zoya at Red Dawn Caucasian Shepherds Farm

Lauryn, is 12 she has done all the training for Zoya.