What do you feed your Caucasian Shepherds?

Dog Food.

We have found our Caucasian Shepherds have flourished on the Life’s Abundance food. We have done lots of research and I Can Not Stress the Importance of a good diet. Caucasian Shepherds grow very rapidly. If not feed properly they can grow too fast !! After lots of research, we discovered Life's Abundance. Their food has never had a recall, their Holistic Vet Formulated food has probiotics, and prebiotics. Their food is made in small batches and then shipped directly to you, so it is fresher, healthier, and safer. If they ever have a recall or problem, they have your contact information. All our Caucasian Shepherds eat the Large breed/ puppy food with fish oil on their food several times a week. Then at 6-12 months of age we switch them to all life stages food also made by Life’s Abundance. I do not recommend a RAW or GRAIN Free diet. It causes Heart diseases. https://www.americanveterinarian.com/news/fda-warns-of-possible-link-between-grainfree-dog-foods-and-heart-disease

We feed the puppies Large breed puppy food.


The Puppies love these treats and they are great for training.


These are another Favorite treat.