Our Dogs

Scroll down to see videos of our dogs as well. :) Guard Dogs Available.


This Handsome Male is our stud. He moves well and has a wonderful temperament. He has been health tested thru Embark and passed with flying colors. embk.me/barrett28 His heart & Elbows has been certified by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals.

Eva ** Available**

Eva loves people and is full of energy. She is vocal and like to be the boss. She does excellent with male dogs. She is available as a Guardian dog, Fa/ Family dog.

Rhonda **Available**

Rhonda,loves people is very outgoing and Athletic. She is an excellent livestock guardian. She has had her Hips, and Heart Tested OFA Certified. She loves people. *Available as a guard dog, farm or family dog. She hates other dogs..*

Bret & Eva

Brenda Available as a Guard dog

Brenda has been DNA Health Tested thru Embark. Her heart & hips are OFA certified. Available as a family, farm or guard dog.*